The best tyres for drifting

Drifting is a popular sport where drivers drive at high speeds to intentionally lose control. The driver uses the throttle, gear, steering, clutch and brakes to keep the car stable when manoeuvring. The turning causes the car to lose control and the tyres slide over the tracks. This sport was initially practised in Japan but has now gained popularity in many countries all over the world. This has now led many car tyre manufacturers to start building special tyres for this sport.

There are many tyre manufacturers in the market and you can choose one brand if you are a drifting enthusiast.

There are new dealers and manufacturers of drifting tyres. Nitto is reputable for manufacturing great tyres used in this sport. They produce the formula D tyres which are best suited for racing cars as well as commercial vehicles.

BF Goodrich and Maxxis are new dealers who manufacture great tyres for drifting. Other than the well-known companies, there are others who manufacture custom tyres for racing. They can create for you a tyre and mould with your specific details. Big manufacturers have standard prices but for custom models, you will have to pay more.

The main difference between racing tyres and normal tyres is that the front and rear tyres used for drifting are built differently to cope with the wear and tear that results due to drifting. When drifting, the pressure exerted on the rear tyres can destroy them completely in a single day. The secret is to fit the good and expensive tyres on the front axle while the harder and compounded sets are fitted on the rear.

The most common rear drifting tyres are 15” and they can easily burn out within a span of less than an hour or two. Most drifters use tyres that are well worn and later move to the higher grade compounded tyres. You can also choose to use the DOT approved drifting tyres to get a better grip and stability. Some companies create custom tyres that release coloured smoke when drifting. You can choose to start drifting using 15” or 17” drifting tyres depending on your ability to drift. However, one rule in drifting is using the 17” tyres on turbo cars that have low profile tyres. Grip will depend on the car you are using and the experience you have in drifting. The best tyres to choose are the high grip ones.

Before drifting, you will need to check the tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is also dependent on the experience you have in this sport. To begin with, you can start with 25 psi pressure if you have new tyres and then proceed to 22 psi on older tyres. These pressure levels will help protect your car and prevent them from delaminating quickly. After racing, ensure that you check your tyre pressure again and increase pressure by 3-4 psi to enhance the performance.