Smart Tyres

In the world where the internet of things is developing rapidly, we turn our attention towards one of the latest smart items, the smart tyre. While it may not be perfectly apparent at first glance what possible application a smart tyre would have, we have analyzed the problem and came up with a few pointers. Believe it or not, there are already some forms of smart tyres available to the general public.

Check the Pressure

Multiple startups have started investing their time and ingenuity into the issue of making smart tyres. The potential applications span from everyday conveniences to precise information a professional might need.

Imagine, if you will, a tyre that does not need to be probed in order to give you information about the distance it traveled, as well as the level of air pressure inside and the potential damage it sustained over time. Mechanics and car owners, in general, would be very happy to know the minute something needs to be taken care of.

I Can’t Let You Do That, Dave

The smart tyre would also potentially be able to read the conditions on the road and notify the driver. In addition to that, it could offer a recommendation regarding speed and search for alternative routes. Furthermore, and we are not sure whether the drivers will be crazy about this one, the tyre can be a tattletale of sorts – giving all of the information about the driver’s style and behavior to relevant authorities. Swerving, speeding, failing to check the equipment, and all other offenses could be carefully stored in the sensors and the database.

If the dream of a perfect tyre comes true, we might be looking at fewer accidents and less time spent at the mechanic. Vehicles would certainly require less maintenance over time as well as less money overall to keep the machine going. If you’ll pardon the expression, acquiring smart tyres may soon be considered a smart move.

Where Can I Get Them?

The project is still in its experimental phase, though companies like Continental and a few startups that do their research independently try to reinvent the wheel while delivering what they already have to the masses. The aforementioned Continental has developed the digital tyre monitoring platform that they call ContiConnect.

ContiConnect already offers some information to the consumer and the company. Namely, it gives info on the tyre pressure of multiple vehicles. This means that those that have a transportation company, for example, will always have information about all of their tyres at a single location. You are also granted information about the temperature of the tyre, meaning that you can avoid tyre bursting at the most inopportune moment.

This is all there is so far. However, with the rapid development of the technology in question and IoT gaining traction all over the world, we are certain that it is simply a matter of time before smart tyres really get smart and make the driving experience safer and more affordable.