Choosing tyres for a Harley Davidson

Many riders take their tyre choices personally, and they are very loyal to them just as they are to their cars. Different brands are used for different purposes, for instance, the brand a rider chooses for his or her Goldwing might be different from the one used in motocross.

This is because different manufacturers produce tyres that are good and others that are not as good depending on the application and model. Before the riding season hits, it’s important that you check your tyres if they need to be changed and also determine the lift left in them

6 Harley Tyre brands that you can choose

Bridgestone: If you own a Harley Davidson, you can get the Bridgestone G704 or the G709 combo. They are considered the best due to their firm grip, feel and lifespan. In case you want a tyre similar to the stock tyres, Bridgestone has in store some direct OEM replacements. These are a great option if you enjoy the performance of your stock tyres, and you are not ready to switch to a new brand.

Dunlop: Dunlop tyres has manufactured Dunlop D404, which has an excellent grip and mileage. The Dunlop American Elite series that is produced in the USA is specially engineered for Harleys. These tyres have a hard centre compound to provide comfort when driving on long and straight roads. You can choose between the white stripe and wide whitewall versions. You can also select the Dunlop D401 and D402, which are also popular among many Harley owners. The Dunlop Elite 3 is very popular among British bikers who aspire to keep an original look.

Pirelli: The Pirelli Night Dragon is another great performing tyre that is popular among Harley riders. They prefer this brand due to its high performance in cruising and its ability to withstand high horsepower generated during an aggressive ride.

Continental, Shinko and Avon : The Conti-Milestone, Conti-Motion and Avon Cobra are popular tyre choices. Shinko is now producing the 777 Cruiser tyre and the 250 American Cruiser that is designed only for Harleys.

Our Tips

Now that you have a list of great brands to switch to, bear in mind that when you fit a new tyre, and you retain the front worn out, you will not feel as stable as you would if you did not remove the worn tyre. Therefore, when you are planning to switch to a new brand, ensure that you choose one that has both the rear and the front tyres available.

One disadvantage of motorcycle manufacturers is that they produce many rear tyres and few front ones. However, Dunlop and Pirelli Night Dragon always have many front and rear tyres for Harley’s and other motorbike brands in their inventory. Avon and Michelin manufacture Harley’s tyres but the front ones are not available.

Remember that your tyres are the only things that are keeping you balanced on the road. Therefore, keep them fit and optimized.

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