Cheap tyres: tricks to avoid

As a consumer, you stand to lose more when you want to purchase tyres for your vehicle. Everyone wants to drive safely, but not everyone wants to break the bank or can do so just to install a new set of treads on your car. This is the reason most people opt for a good deal for some cheap tyres.

Tip 1

Before we even start listing the tricks to avoid when buying cheap tyres, you should avoid coming off as needy when you are talking to your dealer. When most customers step into a dealership, they inform the dealer or the salesperson that they want a new set of tyres but they are not sure what they want.

They also continue to tell the salesperson to help them out: a good salesperson can get you the best tyres at cheaper rates but most of them choose not to. Tyres are low margin items and they do not make much money for a car store. Also, most stores are commission based and this alters the motivation of the salesman. The store has to make the money using other ways, and most customers fall for these tricks.

Tip 1

Tip 2

When you are planning to buy a set of cheap tyres, you should shop around for the best tyre price. Also, note that everything you do is times four: the cost of balancing and mounting is not much for one tyre but for four tyres, the cost is considerable. When you visit your dealership to purchase cheap tyres, ask the salesman for the out of the door or all in price. This gives you a clearer picture of the costs and whether you will stay inside your budget. Look for a shop that provides the valve stem, balancing and mounting: this will lead to massive savings since everything is times four. The store might negotiate the tyre prices but they will look to make money on the labour, so, they will not haggle about the tire prices.


Tip 3

Do not fall for the extras trick: when the mechanic or technician has your car on a rack, this is the ideal time for them to sell you the extras such as wheel alignment, shocks and brake jobs. Alignment is crucial, but your car will inform you when to get one i.e. when you note your vehicle pulling from one side to the other.

Tips wheels

Tip 4

Customers fall for the brake job trick: it is possibly the corniest of them all. When your car is up on the rack, the technician may notice your low brake pads and suggest instant fixing. But if you keep car records, you should know the miles travelled since your last check. If you are still not sure, ask the technician to tell you the percentage left or better yet, take a look for yourself. The salesman may also pitch you an oil change, but your car records will show your changing intervals and the next scheduled date.

The primary aim of the salesperson is to add more car jobs in the work order. The more the car jobs that they pitch to you, the more complicated it becomes to you and you, therefore, lose track of the real costs of your tyres. Stick to the issue that took you to the dealership in the first place: don’t fall for the salesperson’s pushing.