Where can I find NASCAR tyres for sale ?

With the immense competition in the NASCAR tire industry, brands are putting in a lot of effort to outdo each other and even though almost all of them seem to be good, there are some which are implausible. Just as the online gambling sites compete with each other by trying to attract new customers with special bonuses such as the CanPlay promotional code, the tire brands need something to get them ahead of the competition. The biggest brands are all of the similar quality so they need to invent additional ways of attracting buyers.

Some of the best five include:

Michelin tires

This brand seems to have a little bit of everything to offer incorporating all desired qualities in one. All of its models seem to offer an equal level of performance (NASCAR-style) though there are others such as Michelin Defender and Michelin Primary MXV4 which stand out offering a terrific all-season performance.


Goodyear tires

Most of the models from this brand are not up to the task but one or to do deliver a high performance one would like. Brands such as the Goodyear assurance triple tread all-season and the Goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric all season do the trick quite well. The former can be used in any season while the latter offers super performance in dry conditions.



For an all-time super performance tire from this superb brand of tires, one should consider the Pirelli P4 four seasons model. Pirelli is known to produce tires with original rubber and good-looking threads. The thread life is not a strong point for this tires though.



The best model of this tire brand may be the impressive Advan sport V105 which is an all seasonal tires that grips most terrains well even in both wet and dry weather conditions. The treads do last for long while the tires response is top notch. This brand of tires are known to have an eye-catching sporty look.



If you are looking for an all seasonal tire from the continental tire brand, then one can go for the continental pure contact whose performance in any weather is remarkable. The brand offers different models depending on the interest of the consumer e.g. if one wants a model that delivers high performance during the dry weather, then one can go for the continental ExtremeContact DW.


Different types of tire brands

The tire brands do vary because of many reasons which include:

  • The life time of the tire which depends on how long the threads are able to stay intact.
  • The grip the threads offer.
  • The level of handling it offers.
  • The tire’s rolling resistance.
  • The speed they can support.

How to choose a tire brand

When it comes to what to look for in a tire, several vital factors do pop up. The main considerations however include:

The tread pattern

This must be the major factor as it affects most performance parameters of the vehicle including the amount of fuel it consumes. The pattern differs between models and brands.

The season

One thing to note is that an all season tire doesn’t deliver maximum performance on each season and that there are tires made to provide incredible performance during certain weather conditions.

The tire life vis-à-vis the car price

There is certainly no need to go for an expensive model brand that will wear out before you know it. Most brands offer a warranty for their tires and one should check the scope of this important document as there is no doubt that one will surely need it at some point.

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