Where can you buy vintage car tyres?

For those in love with cars, there’s nothing more thrilling than owning at least one vintage vehicle. And for a real passionate they it is important to know where to buy vintage car tyres.

Vintage car tyres

Connoisseurs and lovers of vintage cars are spending loads of time finding car parts that are rare to find. One of the main items are vintage car tyres. Where can you find them? You have only two categories to look for, as vintage car tyres can be either tube-type or tubeless.


The best way to get what you want is to go online. Various companies offer bar filters that help you narrow down your searches and get what you want easily. Here are a few examples of where to go for vintage car tyres.

Long Stone Classic Tyres

The best thing about this company is that they have a wide range of sizes for any vintage car tyre, including those for sports cars on 16’’ wheels (for exceptional cars such as Aston Martin and XK Jaguars). The typical classic alternatives you will stumble upon here are Michelin X and Pirelli Cinturato. At the same time, you can find here any type of tyres you want from vintage, classic, to racing or veteran ones. However, if you are unsure about which type is the best for your car, you can always get in touch with the company and ask for help.


My Tyres

This website promises authenticity and quality for any kind of product. Vintage car need special treatment, and compromising is not recommended. You have to keep in mind that the selection for these type of vintage car tyres is way lower than the collection you can get for regular tyres. Be that as it may, if you match your vintage car with a brand-new tyre you will not only ruin the scenery, but you’ll put your car in peril as well (and yourself) – not to mention that not many new tyres fit with vintage cars, from a construction point of view. Here, you will find tyres that are suitable for cars from different decades. Whether you are looking for something that’s extremely design-focused, or something more minimalist, you can find it here.

Old car

Vintage Tyres

One of the world’s largest supplier of tyres, Vintage Tyres has been around for more than 50 years and today has over 20,000 tyres in stock. Here, you can choose from brands like Avon, Michelin, Vredestein, Dunlop – or from the company’s own brands (Waymaster and Ensign). As an example, they have rare items such as the SP44 Weathermaster or theDunlop Aquajet (and other 30 historic products)

Vintage tyres

Classic Tyres

This is another company that provides vintage car lovers tyres from Dunlop, Avon to Firestone – all delivered within 3 working days. The main advantage of this online seller is that they have a range of beauties such as:

  • Avon: CR39, Triple Duty, Safety Mileage, Speedmaster, CR28;
  • Michelin: DR, XAS, MXV-P, XWX, TB-5, TB-15, X, XZX, Pilot Sport, SCSS.

With over 10,000 tyres in stock, they have great prices and offer constantly huge discounts.


North Hants Tyres

Another option to consider is North Hants Tyres. In case you can’t find the tyre you’re looking for at all of these aforementioned ones, you can check out this company as pride themselves with having a series of vintage and classic tyres:

  • Coker Classic, Firestone Motorcycle;
  • Excelsior, Excelsior Vintage Racing,
  • BG Goodrich.


For those of you who prefer buying something from a shop, to be able to verify it and see it before paying, then going to your local car service is the best option. Usually, the biggest online companies tend to have a shop dedicated to tyres and car parts, but it is not 100% sure that you will find a vintage tyre within the store.

For such specific purchases, you should call the shop before visiting and tell them about what you’re looking for, so that they can bring it to the shop before you get there. That’s the thing with vintage tyres (and cars – in general). Repairing them and keeping their beauty and essence alive is more complicated than maintaining a regular car that’s only a few years old. If vintage cars are not your type and you don’t need to worry about buying a vintage tyre, then read here about how to reduce tyre wear for your car.